Tools against COVID-19 in Moldova

Open Source tools in the context of Moldova

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Projects in development

Disease Control

Tracker of available beds, for critical patients.

In active development

Help in Need

Help to those in Need - food / medications

In active development


Online resource that fights disinformation, ignorance and fakes

In active development

Support for Businesses

Help, advice, guides for business.

In active development

Robot Delivery

Creating a robot or device that would come to hospitals or places where people are quarantined in order to deliver food or medicine.

In active development

Automatic Hand Sanitizer

A device for contactless automated hand sanitizing , preventing spreading of the infection.

In active development

Online Teacher Guide

Distance Learning - guide for teachers, schools.

In active development

Green Zone / Avoid them Maybe?

An application that would inform users about queues and gatherings of people in shops, supermarkets and other places.

In active development

COVID-19 Genome map

The development and research of the CoVID-19 genome Map for searching of ways to erase or to limit the COVID-19 plague.

In active development

Info & Stats

Information about COVID-19 in Moldova. Visuals and charts.

Un-affiliated project

Current platform - collection of Open Source projects in the context of a country.

In active development

Submitted Ideas

ML Diagnostics

Machine Learning (inteligența artificială) pentru identificarea virusului COVID-19.

Geo-tagging for hospitals

Geo-tagging of active cases for hospitals

Oxygen Concentrator [hardware]

Oxygen enrichment of inhaled air.


Automated chatbot with a BOT for auto-examination (help for green-line).

Remote Check

Platform with requests for health checks of friends and relatives that cannot be reached.

Fight Sceptics

Media projects and campaigns aiming to fight sceptisism and disinfirmation in public


Created by a group of volunteers - 2020.